Are your PowerBI reports getting lost?

“Are your PowerBI reports getting lost?”

A survey we conducted among our clients from multiple Fortune 500 companies threw up a shocking result when it came to the consumption of Power BI reports.

It is probably a problem that you may have faced yourself.

As it stood, of the 200 respondents from Fortune 500 companies who took the survey, only 20% had clarity about accessing a certain report from the flurry of reports available to them on their Power BI platform. Most had no idea where their reports were located, and more so, many were unaware that such a report even existed. This included top executives and analysts.

Imagine going to a board meeting where, in the midst of the intense deliberations, you are expected to pull up a sales report substantiating a point you made. But holla! You don’t know where that report is!!!

Surely, that will embarrass you.

A Fortune Business Insights report predicts the global business intelligence industry will expand at a CAGR of 8.7% to reach a staggering $43.03 billion by 2028. As Microsoft itself stated, Power BI, with more than 5 million subscribers worldwide, is going to play a vital role in this, with companies — large, medium, and small, spending heavily on it.

In such a scenario, it is a major headache for leaders when their workforce fails to derive the maximum benefits from the investments made in digital transformation exercises — more so when it is because of such a trivial issue as finding a report.

The future is data-driven and the whole world appreciates it. But the challenge lies in empowering people with the right set of tools to make the most of this data boom. The World Economic Forum, in its Future of Jobs Report, predicted that innovating with newer products that make data more discoverable to users is likely to positively impact 54% of the existing workforce, and in doing so, help companies generate better ROI on their existing data infrastructures.

Microsoft Teams Global App Development winner Beagle, with simple integration into Power BI, helps you achieve just that. Data from all your reports in one place, key insights are nudged to you at the right time, ultimately accelerating the adoption of your Power BI reports by 5X.

Confused with finding your Power BI reports? Worry no more.

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