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Business Intelligence Cloud Solution

Business Intelligence put very simply is about delivering intelligence to businesses. BI solutions serve to provide right information to concerned stakeholders at the right time to enable intelligent decision making.

Cloud BI solutions means that the BI applications are hosted on cloud/virtual network/internet.

That makes the whole process of delivering data insights easier and faster.

How do cloud business intelligence solutions empower businesses in maximizing ROI on their data collection efforts?

Ease of accessibility. All data in one location. Cloud BI solutions hoard data at one common place accessible over virtual network. This makes it super-efficient to assimilate, access and distribute data in real time for predictive analytics. Be it web-browser or mobile phones, data analytics on cloud are easily available on all types of devices, eliminating the challenges of traditional BI solutions.

Tremendous scope for scalability. It’s no secret that businesses constantly look for opportunities to expand. Expansion means increased number of employees. With additional headcount, no. of people requiring access to data also increases. Traditional systems and BI tools need higher investments in infrastructure and resources to make that happen. Modern Business intelligence and analytics platforms allow easy scalability to adapt to increased headcount.

Reduction in costs. With cloud business intelligence solutions, organizations do not have to worry about huge IT investments in server infrastructures, maintenance etc. They can customise their plans basis current and potential requirements, thereby saving huge costs.

In one word, cloud BI platforms promise to offer – agility, and that’s what modern workplaces need the most to ace up their competition.

Having said all that, most BI applications in the industry Business intelligence and data insights solutions come with a set of challenges

  1. Low speed. It takes a lot of time to load data and generate reports. By the time insights are available in comprehensible formats, crucial business hours are lost. This limitation overshadows the potential of these business intelligence and analytics platforms.
  2. Low adoption. People resist change, especially technological changes that scare them. Most business intelligence and data insights solutions need employees to be trained on the tool. Additionally, data is scattered at so many places that it takes humongous amount of patience and effort to reach desired data, specially when on the field or in meetings.

There comes Beagle to rescue. Beagle is the future of business intelligence. The personal virtual analyst integrates seamlessly with workplace collaboration tools like MS Teams and Slack to drive BI adoption in organizations.

Beagle assimilates data from all internal and external sources and puts it forward to the concerned stakeholder in easy and understandable formats. It offers data insights in byte-sized card structure, thus making it supremely easy and efficient to find patterns in data and make informed decisions on the go.

Companies are investing millions of dollars in business intelligence and data analytics platforms. Beagle ensures that they are able to leverage these BI tools to their maximum potential by extracting value from every ounce of data.

Check out Beagle for more information.

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