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Chatbot Data Analytics

‘Hi, how may I help you?’.


‘What are you looking for?’

‘I am looking for patterns in my company’s market value vis-à-vis competitors.’


This is a preview of how a B2B chatbot platform like Beagle looks and feels like. For a very long time, people have been interacting with data on dashboards. But dashboards are as obsolete as black and white TV today. They may act as basic source of information in absence of evolved technologies. But that’s that. The competition today is so high that even a blip on the radar can prove fatal.

Let’s take a business situation. Sara is a sales executive who is known for her marketing skills. But understanding numbers is not her game. So, every time there is a sales review meeting, she panics. Many a time, she takes support of someone else from her team to upload sales data or to extract data insights she is looking for.

Sara is not alone. Many of us fear even looking at a dashboard. Reason – Too complicated. The complexity of dashboards and traditional BI tools does not only hamper business growth, they also make the whole exercise of data assimilation and data disbursement futile and unproductive. Infact misinterpretation of data could do worse.

Chatbot business analytics is a technological disruption that empowers enterprises to democratize data consumption across the whole organization. These bots have the power to connect to different data resources and converse with the user in their language using AI enabled NLP technologies.

Chatbots for data analytics mean that you can talk to a virtual agent, ask for data in real-time, and access all relevant information instantly. Not just data, these bots also provide you with insights on those data points.

These bots are smart and powerful. They are built to think, perceive and analyse information.

According to a survey by Accenture, 57% of executives believe that chatbots facilitate more effective communication within the organization.

The amount of data churned every year within and outside of organizations is huge. Companies gather vast troves of data by themselves. But what use is this data it cannot be leveraged for business growth and community building.

Peter Sondergaard from Gartner Research says, “Information is the oil of 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.” Both need each other to run an organization successfully.

Companies make millions and billions of investments on BI tools. But what use is that also if they do not fill the gaps that spreadsheets and conventional dashboards elicit. People need to interact with data, they need to listen to what it says. And for that we need to harness technology to our benefit. Otherwise, what’s the point of fledgling artificial intelligence all around.

Beagle is the best solution for bridging all these gaps from data interpretation to data application for improved organizational efficiency and better collaboration.

  • It provides a guided interface to the user where any concerned stakeholder can converse with the bot and get the information they are looking for within the snap of a finger.
  • It actually works in your workplace chat window. Users do not have to toggle between various apps or visit any additional site or download an extra app. Beagle integrates with existing collaboration tools like MS Teams and Slack and operates as a chat window.
  • It lets the users interact with data in a very intuitive environment. Beagle provides a simple design that is easy to follow for everyone including (especially) non data savvy users. It simplifies and expedites consumption of data by providing actionable insights.

Chatbots for data analytics give direction to a business by speaking in a language that everyone can understand.

With Beagle, increase BI adoption and encourage data democratization.

Connect. Create. Converse. 

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