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I am from the Leadership Team

Beagle helps me in creating better strategies by providing focused insights and numerous deep dives options to dig into the data “on my own”

As director of commercial planning, I like to go deep into data to find insights, which further helps me in creating better pricing and promotion strategies.
Pre-COVID it was easy to do deep dives along with my team. Communicating with the team was easy and convenient as we used to sit in the same location. But now in this new normal when everyone is working from home, these deep dive sessions have turned into prolonged calls. This is certainly troublesome, especially when you are already flooded with a set of other calls.

I need a tool which allows me to do deep dive analysis in a seamless way “on my own”.

  • Data Democratization | Beagle  I observed Beagle was a perfect solution, Beagle is helping me access all data, analysis and do numerous deep dives in a seamless way through MS Teams.
  • Sales Data Analytics Tool | Beagle  It provided me with focused information in the form of a card and multiple deep dive options, helping me reduce my dependency on my team for insights.
  • Business Intelligence Cloud Solution | Beagle  It also saved a lot of time for me as the need of going to and fro to get the right insights is removed.
  • Chatbot For Data Analytics | Beagle  I think personally for me one of the most interesting features is that now I get my insights on my Messaging App.

Now, no more screenshot, emails, or dashboards.

I am VP Sales and Marketing

Beagle is helping me shortening my decision cycles and move up my team’s productivity during the meetings

As VP of Sales, I am often meeting my team (through VC these days) to review our Sales and Market share performance. More often than not, conversation strides in a new direction which we had not thought of. Our hypothesis or urge to deep dive into a new direction, needs us to look at the data for that specific situation. As a result, a follow up review meeting is scheduled.

However, Beagle has enabled us endless deep dive angles, with on the spot insights and we do not have to wait for a follow up meeting.

  • Data Analytics Adoption | Beagle  All our data sources are directly linked to the Beagle platform making it a single source of information.
  • Data Democratization Tools | Beagle  It also helps us go into multiple deep dive levels and validate our hypothesis/ deep dive urges during meeting.

Now, if there is an insight needed during a meeting it is there, no need for another meeting. It saves me a lot of time.

I am Head of IT

Beagle transforms our BI infrastructure into a truly agile system.

I am the head of IT of my organization. Beagle is helping me and my IT team in keeping up pace with business stakeholders changing priorities We are often asked to create reports/dashboards for our Sales team like a price change impact or Sales update across certain KPI’s. Developing a fully functional multi-source dashboard takes a minimum of 4-6 weeks. And often after 4 weeks, certain priorities of business changes.

Beagle enables me and my team in creating new analysis threads within a few hours:

  • Sales Data Analytics Tool | Beagle  Beagle connects to various data sources , its domain data model makes the use of multiple data sources convenient, more efficient and faster.
  • Business Intelligence Cloud Solution | Beagle  The simple drag and drop feature for creating cards helps us get the analysis thread ready in a few hours.
  • Business Intelligence And Analytics Platforms | Beagle  Now, me and my team can share new information needed in a few hours and can iterate according to changed requirements quickly.

I am so glad that we can help the business teams when they need us the most.

I am a Sale Representative

Beagle helps me get optimum information “On the Field” I am a Sale Representative

As a sales rep, apart from selling I have to regularly answer to customer’s queries. Sometimes it needs me to go back to my office, dig through the reports and cross-verify the queries/claims of customers with our internal data. This eats up a lot of my time, and is quite a task, after an exhausting day in the field.

Through Beagle I can get any relevant information regarding a customer/group of customers on the field itself.

  • Conversation Analytics & Intelligence | Beagle  It minimizes the inputs required by customizing a lot of information based on my geo-location.
  • Business Intelligence And Data Insights Solutions | Beagle  Beagle gives me focused information in the form of cards. It is just more effective in selling if you can answer customer queries then and there. 
  • Chatbot Data Analytics | Beagle  Another very interesting feature that has been of real help is, I do not have to learn a new tool for it. All the insights are shared to me on my messaging application interface.

Now, I spend more time selling than being stuck behind a desk digging excel files and understanding data.

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