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Organisations today are inundated with data and the quantity of data churned every year is only going to go up. Research by IDC suggest that “the amount of data created over the next three years will be more than the data created over the past 30 years, and the world will create more than three times the data over the next five years than it did in the previous five.” Imagine the vast pool of data that we will hoard in the coming years!

Now, the most pressing concern for organisations is – ‘How to leverage these huge quantities of data for business profitability and growth?’.

Companies have been using dashboards for data sharing and analysis for a long time now. Here are a few problems with regular static dashboards –

  • They follow a one-size-fits-all approach. There is a lot of non-contextual data. Everyone must go through huge data files to extract that one piece of relevant information that can be used as an insight. It’s time-consuming, it’s unproductive and more often than not, it’s futile.
  • They lack in personalised reports and insights. No user wants to see and process all of the available data at the same time. People seek customised reports – easy to access in digestible formats. Static dashboards fail to provide customised information for their immediate needs.
  • They lack intelligent storytelling. This is the most crucial one. They simply lack storytelling. Data is gathered from so many sources that by the time it reaches user, most of the times it gets obsolete and it misses the head and tail of data story.

Conversational Analytics and Intelligence, with the help of AI and ML led NPL technologies, lets the user to talk to data and listen to the insights it beholds. They help businesses in understanding human behaviour and their needs. They lead to intelligent conversations between user and data.

Analysis follows a thought. Somewhere in the massive quantities of varied pool of data, users get lost and the thought suffers.

Conversational analytics leads with that thought. They enable both technical and non-technical people to take data-driven decisions.

Beagle is a modern-day, smart, virtual analyst for all your data and analytics needs. Different stakeholders have different data needs at different points in time. Beagle functions on conversational analytics and intelligence technology to encompass and fulfil these personalized and collective data needs.

Most BI tools ask for extensive employee trainings for them to be able to use those platforms. The learning curve in this space is steep and therefore it calls for plenty of time to be allocated for these training. Again, are they worth it?

In the world where data is going to triple in the next 5 years as compared to the last 5 years, we can’t afford losing productive employee time on things that end up eating into their productivity, with little to no tangible benefits.

Beagle is built to offer an intuitive interface to the user, so they are ready to be used by business users from day 1. They are as simple to use as Alexa or Siri or Cortana or your Google Maps App, only with greater, wider and deeper contextual expertise for business’s data availability and data analytics needs.

Beagle offers conversational analytics and intelligence that reduces the need for manual interventions to the minimum, promoting data transparency and encouraging BI adoption.

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