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Data Democratization Tools

Data democratization is as critical to an organisation’s or a community’s success as air to life. We are not exaggerating.

Data gives life to any discussion and business decision. Data empowers people to take time-sensitive decisions and create strategic plans, critical to business survival and growth

While these platforms offer the best support, there are certain limitations that could not be dodged, whether offline or online.

The question is – Why are companies struggling in facilitating data democratization?

Data democratization not just means that data should be available to everyone, regardless of hierarchy, geography and demography; it also means that it must be comprehensible to everyone.

This requires an intelligent distribution of data that ensures that it can be processed and used in the available form by the end-user. Now that’s the tricky part.

The lack of which leads to employees taking critical business decisions in complete isolation.

Unfortunately, most of the data democratization tools are too complicated for an average employee to get hands-on with.

And the load-time is painfully high. These tools take a lot of time to load a simple piece of data.

Not just that, they are largely build for audiences working on desktops. If people have to wait to get to their desktops everytime they need to access data, data democratization would be a forlorn hope.

The use of these tools further complicates the whole process of accessing and deciphering data. They only lead to added pressure of necessitating trainings for employees, which doesn’t count employees’ interest and skill set in learning those tools.

That’s where Beagle comes in.

It’s not your regular data democratization tool. It’s your personal virtual ‘analyst’.

  • It’s a conversational tool. And since it’s developed and deployed on single technology, user’s account can be activated on day one. All one needs to do is ask for data.
  • With Beagle, it takes less time to load data than it takes to cook 2-minutes noodles.
  • Beagle is mobile friendly. So, one doesn’t need to be on their desktops all the time. It’s accessible from anywhere.

Beagle brings data to the user through communication tools like MS Teams and Slack, not the other way round – just like Genie to Aladdin!

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