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Your Chat Based Data & Analytics Co-Pilot

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A peek into how Beagle drives impact for customers


Increase in
Analytics ROI

<3 months

of Payback time


Increase in individual target achievement
of users


Manhours saved
per report

Beagle understands what You need and what You don’t.

It’s human to forget about data. No worries, Beagle has got you covered. It sends you Personalized Nudges based on many factors including, data that you consume frequently, insights that you prefer seeing, data trends that your peers follow and more! Beagle will deliver it to you all relevant insights on chat.

Making conversation with Beagle as simple as with people, and better!

Beagle uses Natural Language Input to make conversations simple for you. It talks to you in plain English. Just start with a simple ‘Hi’.

Beagle knows the hassle you go through when collaborating with colleagues on data. Back and forth emails and messages for data and analytics updates is exhausting. With Beagle’s new-age Narrative Board feature, collaboration on data is quicker, simpler, way more interesting and secure.

Beagle strengthens the output of your existing BI tools or Dashboards by seamlessly integrating with them. It adds to your dashboard and attracts end users, with features like personalized nudges and insights on chat. No replacement, No migration. Simple and Powerful addition to your Dashboards – A total Win-Win for everyone.

Beagle redefines Your interactions with Data and Analytics.





Beagle is built to take away all your worries when it comes to data adoption

Distributed data in silos – now in
‘One’ place

No more struggles with siloed data. Beagle creates a single source of truth by connecting all data sources together on a single platform.

Data from ‘Everywhere’ now on your workplace ‘chat platform’

You don’t have to toggle between different BI tools to find the data you are looking for. Beagle consolidates all data and delivers quick insights within your preferred chat platform.

Data too complex to find and use – now made ‘simple and effective’

From data for a selected few to Data for Everyone – Beagle is changing the narrative. Easy to access, easy to understand, and easy to use, Beagle is designed for everyone.

Here is how Beagle works behind the scenes, to make all the magic happen

Become goal-oriented

Reduce the noise and focus on what really matters the most. Your goals.

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