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Microsoft Teams analytics tools

Beagle’s integration with Microsoft Teams platform is a huge benefit to corporations of all sizes worldwide.

MS Teams is undoubtedly one of the most rapidly growing workplace communication tools. And at this point, it’s quite impractical to not mention covid19 in the context of workplace communication. Since the pandemic outbroke, many online communication tools came to the rescue, with MS teams among the frontrunners on the list.

While these platforms offer the best support, there are certain limitations that could not be dodged, whether offline or online.

Let’s talk about critical challenges that people face during online meetings and how Beagle integration with MS Teams addresses those concerns -

  1. Struggles in finding crucial data
    Be it a team review meeting or a sales call or an investor pitch session, data substantiates all conversations. Though Microsoft Teams analytics offer various usage reports, they do not provide easy access to company’s data independently. To be able to share facts, figures and analytics, people need to share screen or wait it out until someone finds the relevant dashboard. It’s a cumbersome and time taking effort.Imagine scores of people waiting on an online meeting for a piece of data.

    Imagine the pressure on someone responsible for sifting through large volumes of data, especially someone who is not a data savvy person. Now imagine the overall productivity of any meeting. These are real concerns, and you are not alone in facing them

  2. Struggles in interpreting crucial data
    Once the data has been found and shared, different stakeholders have different analysis expectations. Microsoft Team analytics tools do not participate in analysing external data. The whole process, therefore, of understanding and interpreting numbers for everyone’s interest is extremely time-consuming and often redundant.

    Beagle, a personal virtual analyst, seamlessly integrates with MS Teams for every participant. It provides instant, within-the-platform insights in just a couple of clicks. The participant does not need to navigate away from screen to reach data. They can just message in the Beagle chat window for the data they are looking for and voila!

No unproductive wait-time, no screenshare required, no dependency, and productivity shoots through the roof.

Not just that, Beagle carries a list of beneficial and unique feature that drives BI adoption like nothing else. Here are a few of them –

  1. Push Notifications – Get MS Teams and Email notifications as personal reminders every-time there is an update on the latest data. Beagle sends key insights, updates, and alerts to the relevant user.
  2. Narrative Boards – Save and share relevant dashboards with appropriate audience groups, on your narrative board timeline. All through simple drag and drop. Give feedback on the dashboards shared with you.
  3. Easy Customization
    To keep pace with stakeholder’s changing needs and priorities in these volatile times, Beagle enables fast and easy customization for dashboards and reports. Unlike other dashboards which take months to iterate, Beagle cards can be created/customized within minutes.

Beagle offers a comprehensive dashboard that gives a fair view of how the numbers are functioning across relevant fields. The customised dashboards save time by providing real-time analysis of the latest data.

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