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Virtual Data Analyst Solution

Ann is a people’s person. She loves in-person meetings and engaging in meaningful conversations. The pandemic outbreak changed her lifestyle. Covid19 did change the way we function by huge margins on so many levels. The water-cooler chats, the cafeteria conversations, the instant impromptu meet ups, all went for a toss. And we began working in isolation from our homes..

For most of us, brainstorming is the way to explore creative ideas and solutions. But remote working set-ups somewhere left us in the lurch..

The most important thing that people miss is a collaborative workplace environment.

So as soon as this gap was identified workplace collaboration tools like MS Teams and Slack stepped up their games.

However, with decentralised working environments, people still struggle a lot in collaborating for critical business projects.

Even for smaller teams, when looking for a piece of information, people have to flip through different apps to find data. The whole process is so cumbersome and slow that precious time is lost, and sincere flow of thoughts is compromised.

Beagle, a virtual business analyst addresses these gaps and promises to capture real value from data and analytics.

The role of a virtual business analyst is to create a virtual environment that mimics the physical work environment, only more scalable and productive. 

Data is the most essential ingredient to any organisation’s success. It is the foundation of any successful decision. Today there are myriad of sources to assimilate data – primary and secondary sources, internal and external resources; but very few organisations have decoded the art and science of leveraging this data for success.

Ergo, the main question is – “how do we establish structures that ensure consistent availability of actionable data analytics to the right people at the right time.”

Virtual analysts enable organizations to ingest data from various sources and deliver real-time insights to all concerned stakeholders.

In a way, Beagle, the virtual data analyst, connects people all over the world by sharing data with analytics on the same platform that they operate on.

As analytics prowess increasingly becomes the basis of gaining competitive edge, organizations are investing heavily into it. In such a scenario, it would be best to opt for a tool that gives you speed, saves you time, and solves all problems that traditional BI tools inherit.

Beagle through its virtual data analyst capabilities, converse with users using NLP technology and empowers organizations unlock maximum ROI from their BI investments.

enables organizations to undertake data discovery and predictive insight generation through a proprietary NLP-based querying language that harnesses Artificial Intelligence, thus helping them to take strategic decisions in real-time across enterprise and consumer spaces. Real-time data analytics is one of the most strategic priorities for organisations. Beagle is the perfect solution for businesses’ growing needs to tap the potential of data analytics for gaining competitive edge.

This virtual analyst solution reduces the need for manual interventions to the minimum, promoting data transparency and encouraging BI adoption. Beagle ensures that the power of data analytics is not just realised but internalised across the organisation, at all levels, by embedding analytics in workflows.

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