Use Case

Campaign Analysis

From developing, optimizing and constantly refining marketing strategies to attracting and converting enough leads – the role of a Digital Marketer comes with a long list of responsibilities. Along with their general strategic deliverables, they are also expected to monitor –

Real-time analysis of marketing campaigns across different platforms
Analyze which content strategy works, and which doesn’t
Sales conversion – visits converting to purchases

But what is a marketer’s worst nightmare? It is the measurement of campaign effectiveness. Beagle not just eliminates operational redundancies; it adds value to their role by –

  • Bringing all campaign analytics to their chat platform
  • Allowing them to filter data to build and share customized reports

Let us understand how Eric implemented Beagle to drive effective marketing campaigns.


Eric is a Digital Marketer at a Cosmetics Brand and leads a 6-member team. He realized that a considerable amount of the team’s time used to be spent in pulling numbers from different channels for preparing reports. They would access multiple platforms to derive analytics while struggling through the limitations that every platform put forward.

Moreover, the team was unsuccessful in gaining a good reach out of a marketing campaign. Since a lot of time and effort was invested in aggregating and consolidating data and deriving results; the team had to work beyond their work timings to manage the deliverables.

Eric was looking for a solution that would deliver all the campaign analytics in one place, enabling his team to focus on their core work – “Marketing”. He wanted a comprehensive approach towards data so that data-driven decision-making became as effective as it seemed to be.


Eric was looking for a BI tool that is easy to operate and

Her team could start using it with minimal training
Integrates into various data sources – candidate sourcing, interviews, offer roll-out, onboarding, etc.
Enables easy sharing of reports with Hiring Managers to ensure updates in real-time

Hence, Christie started using Beagle and could see the results within one month of implementation.


Easy access to web analytics at anytime and anywhere

Ability to filter data on MS teams itself to customize reports based on one’s needs

Design Problem in Usecase Workflow

Once Eric started using Beagle, he never went back. Beagle helped Eric to drive campaign results
while keeping the team highly engaged.