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Beagle aces global Microsoft Challenge; ranks No.1 in innovation

Beagle is the Global winner of Microsoft Teams App Development Challenge. Amongst more than 1200 distinctive entries from across the world, including

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Data Democratization

What is ‘really’ needed to drive Data Democratization in organizations?

Data Democratization has been an idle vision for many aspiring businesses, for a long time. But that’s not an option in modern workplaces now.

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Business Intelligence in HR | Beagle

How is business intelligence changing the HR landscape in organizations?

Emma is an HR professional in an online travel company. This is the fourth time in a month that she has forgotten to update the hiring tracker in

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Business Intelligence | Beagle

What is Business intelligence? Why is everyone talking about it?

Business intelligence, put very simply, is the set of tools, technologies and processes that help business make intelligence decisions. Now what’s

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Cloud Cost | Beagle

Cloud Costs – a CIO’s nightmare. Are your cloud bills limiting BI initiatives? 3

In a conversation with one of the world’s leading FMCG brands, they said, “We wanted to drive data analytics adoption, but the cost of moving

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