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Improves Performance With Context-Based Nudges

Beagle is built to nudge you and your team towards data-driven decision making. It is your personal Data assistant that delivers all data related updates and alerts in your message box.

Minimizes Cost of Analytics

With in-built self-service functionalities, Beagle reduces the total cost of ownership by
huge margins.

Integrates with other BI Tools, no migration hassles

Beagle connects with other dashboards to enhance their power and increase their reach in the organization. If you already have a BI tool that assists a few, add Beagle to get the best of
both worlds.

Add Beagle on MS Teams to

  • Receive ‘Personalized Nudges’ for all relevant data updates
  • Beagle is like a smart watch for your data and analytics needs. It sends you contextual nudges, based on your usage pattern, on its own.

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  • Speak with your Data in ‘Natural Language’
  • With Natural Language Input functionality, ask for data in Simple English Language, forget complex SQL queries.

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  • Collaborate with your Team Members on data in real-time
  • Engage with your team on data and insights on secured groups. Like, Comment, Share – relevant insights, tag colleagues, ask for updates and more.

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