Use Case

Recruitment Automation

From coordinating with multiple stakeholders for hiring, to meeting the recruitment targets, the life of an HR professional revolves around collaboration on data and updates. The longer the delay in information, the longer the decision-making cycle.

Beagle makes the life of an HR easy by facilitating –

Instant access to recruitment reports
Easy collaboration on updates
Quick-to-act personalized Nudges
Easy conversations with data

Let’s understand the value that Beagle creates for HR teams through a real-life example


Christie, HR head of a leading FMCG company, was leading a team of four recruiters who were responsible to recruit ~40 employees, every quarter. It required her team to be highly efficient during the entire recruitment cycle.

However, her team was often found buried under a plethora of reports, to be shared with hiring managers. These reporting needs consumed a huge percentage of their bandwidth and affected deliverables. Christie was concerned that her team’s morale might drop down if they continued to spend that much time on secondary work.

She was looking for a solution that could automate the entire recruitment process so that her team could focus on their core work – “hiring new employees”.


She needed a BI tool that was –

Easy to understand and operate
Could be used with minimal training
Allowed integration with various data sources and captured all updates – candidate sourcing, interviews, offer roll-out, onboarding, etc.
Enabled easy, real-time sharing of reports with hiring managers

Christie deployed Beagle and experienced impressive results within one month of implementation.


Shortened decision-making cycles

Enhanced overall team productivity

Increase in process efficiency

Improved Team Engagement levels