Your Personal Virtual Analyst

Gain the power of byte-size insights on your Messaging platform.

Start using your Personal analyst from Day 1

Your personal Virtual Analyst

Gain the power of instant byte-size actionable insights on your Messaging Platform. Start using your personal analyst from Day 1

Why Beagle

BEAGLE is designed to answer your Data Analysis needs Under all Situations


Your priorities are changing every week in this volatile times, causing dashboards to
be redundant.

Beagle provides byte-sized focused insights which can be easily customized


You are tired of streak of calls. When you want to clarify or get an additional number, you get on another call.

Beagle enables you to access information in your Teams window. It’s as easy as chatting to
a colleague.


When a field executive wants to learn about the latest opportunity and how the recovery is happening in the market. Benchmark one product in multiple zones.

Beagle automatically reads Geo-location and provide byte-sized focused information on the messaging app interface.

Our Solution

Beagle is a conversational analytics platform that provides a virtual analyst for everyone on your collaboration tools!

CONNECT to any data source

Connect all your data sources (Excel to Data Lake) and other BI tools (Power BI & Tableau) into one platform. Its advanced domain data mapping enables you to create a cross-functional analysis.

CREATE any analysis on the fly

Create your personal Virtual Analyst. Beagle offers a vast range of pre-defined Domain-specific Virtual Analysts, it enables you to use complex advanced analytics algorithms like Growth Decomp, forecasting, etc in minutes.

CONVERSE in your team's platform

Beagle integrates with your company's chat platforms, allowing you to seamlessly use data in all your conversations. With its one-click integration with MSTeams/ Whatsapp/ FB Workplace/ Slack/ Skype/ Google Chat, you can instantly use your analysis on your chat platform.

Messaging Platforms


Backend Systems

Big Data | Beagle

Learn how FMCG company shot up it's BI adoption from 20% to 100%

Virtual Business Analyst | Beagle

I am from the Leadership Team

Beagle helps me in creating better strategies by providing focused insights and numerous deep dives options to dig into the data “on my own”

Virtual Data Analyst Solution | Beagle

I am VP Sales and Marketing

Beagle is helping me shortening my decision cycles and move up my team’s productivity during the meetings

Virtual Business Analyst Solution | Beagle

I am Head
of IT

Beagle transforms our BI infrastructure into a truly agile system

Virtual Business Analyst Solution | Beagle

I am a Sale Representative

Beagle helps me get optimum information “On the Field” I am a Sale Representative:


Byte size information
through Cards

Unleashing the powerful signals
hidden deep within large data sets
in the form of Cards. So that you
can only look at the insights
that matters to you.

Access through
messaging Apps

Your virtual Agent can be easily integrated with common messaging apps such as MS Teams, WhatsApp, Skype, Slack, Facebook messenger. Now, you do not have to shuffle through multiple apps or dashboards
to access information.

Seamless Integration with Multiple Data Sources and BI tools

An easy and secure way to access all your enterprise data (from excel to Data Lake) in one place. You can also connect your pre-existing BI platforms like Tableau and PowerBI and make use of existing analysis.

Built-in Advanced
Analytics modules

Beagle provides a wide range of ready to use Virtual Analyst specific to a domain and pick and use domain-specific cards based on complex algorithms like growth Decomp, Forecasting, etc.

Real-Time Alerts based
on roles

Virtual Analyst can be customized based on the needs of your specific stakeholder, eliminating the learning curve of various reports. It sends key insights updates and alerts to the relevant user.


Beagle offers enterprise-grade security. With multi-factor authentication and a glitch-proof authorization process, it assures you that your valuable data is always protected.


Drive Analytics Adoption

Beagle provides Analytics in a friendly environment that is already known, thus removing the need for tool training. Making it a significant driver for success within the organization.

Shorter turnaround time

Analytics needs are changing daily and business teams are dependent on the analytics team for insights. Beagle eliminates the wait time and provides information instantly on the fly.

Start talking to your Data from Day 1

Beagle is a SaaS-based product thus providing a shorter time-to-value. Set up your data and activate it for your users on Day 1.

Provide Agility at Work

As the Business priorities are changing in every 4-5 days, business teams are depending on IT teams for changes. With Beagle in stakeholders’ hands, they can iterate as often as they want.


“Beagle has been a fantastic solution to drive adoption of data analytics in these challenging COVID times. Thank you for driving our digital transformation project and keeping us focused as we head towards the finish line.”
Analytics Manager


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