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BeagleGPT: Building Data Habits for Everyone

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A peek into how BeagleGPT drives impact for customers


across the enterprise with zero training through voice and text interface on Microsoft Teams


of multi data source report creation helps save time and reduces cost


of existing analytics reports with pro-active personalized nudges and insight notifications


of use-cases by enabling integration of siloed advanced analytics tools within Microsoft Teams

BeagleGPT understands what you need

Pro-active Nudges to Drive Adoption:

BeagleGPT can pro-actively nudge users through personalized data alerts and notifications based on role, user preferences and peer group.

Ecosystem Integrations for Ease of Implementation:

Beagle can directly connect with PowerBI Dashboards, SAP HANA, Snowflake among others, minimizing implementation effort.

Narrative Boards for Quick & Easy

One-click sharing of Information with team members
using the “narrative board” channel of Beagle. It can also be called into MS Teams group chats and meetings as a contributor.

Microservices & Knowledge Graph to
Drive Relevancy and Accuracy:

Through its data query microservices, beagle nullifies
any narrative hallucinations and with domain knowledge graphs curate meaningful insights for users.

BeagleGPT enhances productivity across all corporate functions

Your Data Adoption Worries, Solved & Resolved!

One Place For Siloed Data

No more struggles with siloed data. Beagle creates a single source of truth by connecting all data sources together on a single platform.

All Data Within MS Teams

You don’t have to toggle between different BI tools to find the data you are looking for. Beagle consolidates all data and delivers quick insights within your preferred chat platform.

No More Data Complexity

From data for a selected few to Data for Everyone – Beagle is changing the narrative. Easy to access, easy to understand, easy to use, Beagle is designed for everyone.

Our Client’s
Success Stories

“The model of think, speak and receive was really cool for us.
As we get more people using it, and more queries coming into the BeagleGPT, it keeps getting smarter and smarter.”

– Beeland Nielsen

VP, Commercial Capabilities and CIO, Coca-Cola Bottling Company, UNITED

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