Data Nudge Is The Espresso You Need For Your Decision Making

Data Nudge Is The Espresso You Need For Your Decision Making | Beagle

Have you ever had trouble choosing a dish from your favorite food app? Apps give you food recommendations based on your preferences right away. These aren’t notifications or reminders from your app. They are simply Nudges.

Nudge | Beagle

What is a Nudge really?

In the words of Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein, authors of the influential 2008 book ‘Nudge

“A nudge is an aspect of the choice architecture that alters people’s behavior in a predictable way without forbidding any options or significantly changing their economic incentives. To count as a mere nudge, the intervention must be easy and cheap to avoid. Nudges are not mandates. Putting fruit at eye level counts as a nudge. Banning junk food does not.”

Nudge or Not a Nudge | Beagle

Imagine what it would be like to encounter something similar in your professional life.

What are the benefits of nudges in organizations?

It is common practice for organizations to use Nudges to influence employee behavior. Employee handbooks (rules & mandates) and annual bonuses (financial incentives) are things to consider. Each of these is designed to influence you in a particular way.

Nudges in organizations are generally used for employee engagement, employee well-being, and better employee relations, all leading to a healthier work environment.

Imagine if a NUDGE in the workplace could help you make better decisions faster.

A ubiquitous situation in every organization is the continuous hiring of new talent. Hiring managers and relevant stakeholders, right to the top of the echelon, are always looking at their recruitment pipeline. 

Multiple man-hours of the HR team go into preparing the daily/weekly reports for these stakeholders. 

Think about replacing this tedious process with an automated system that nudges people to take pertinent actions. For example,

  • Hiring managers getting a nudge for pending shortlists.
  • IT managers getting a nudge for system activations of upcoming hires.
With & Without Nudge

They are simple prompts that place all the information everyone needs in front of them to enable smooth and efficient action.

What makes Nudges so effective at making your organization data-driven? A.k.a. Nudges for your Data

It can be overwhelming to sift through a company’s huge repository of data every time you want to extract a certain insight.

Life with a Nudge | Beagle

Nudge not only provides valuable data but also feeds the psychological need of its users to stay on top of trends by providing them with insights. 

This is why you need a platform like Beagle.

Beagle is a Conversational BI Platform that provides users with instant insights within Microsoft Teams. It is similar to talking about insights with your favorite colleagues. 

It sends Personalized Nudges based on many factors, like the data that you consume frequently, insights that you prefer seeing, and data trends that your peers follow. 

In order to calculate these nudges, we use a 3-point framework or as we call it the 3 Ws of Beagle’s Nudge Framework.

3 Ws of Beagle

Each segment of the Nudge Framework addresses one vital aspect of the user requirement. The Nudge algorithm is crafted with the same smartness as that of a Jarvis (hehe). It is smart and knows exactly what it is that you are looking for.

First, it identifies the user and ascertains his profile in a detailed manner.

1. WHOM to Nudge? A.k.a. The User

The Beagle Algorithm creates user segments based on user behavior, role within the organization, and access level.

1. WHOM To Nudge? A.K.A. The User​ | Beagle

Once the User Segments have been created, it is now time to identify what content needs to be sent based on the assessment of the user’s profile, as well as the type of content they will require.

2. WHAT to Nudge? A.k.a. The Content

Personalized content curation makes Beagle a personal data assistant for each user. Contextual content creation is produced based on a particular user’s Routines, Events, and Activities.

2. WHAT to Nudge? A.k.a. The Content | Beagle

At last, after analyzing the urgency and importance of the content, the algorithm fixes a periodicity or timing for when the content has to be delivered.

3. WHEN to Nudge? A.k.a. The Trigger

As part of the specific content curation process, Beagle reads through the most frequently performed tasks by the users and records the triggers of specific actions performed by the users.

3. WHEN to Nudge? A.k.a. The Trigger | Beagle

Beagle’s 3 Ws ensures that you receive all critical data points, high alerts, data update notifications, reminders, etc. in a way that makes you want to dive deeper for insights.

Let’s look at some real-life use cases of Beagle and how its Nudges are making its users more effective and driving growth.

Not An Ordinary Sales Manager

Meet Becky. Becky is a sales manager. 

As part of her normal day, Becky would maintain manual notes to keep track of the stock. Due to this, she spends most of her time at the market recording orders instead of selling products that can provide her with high incentives.  

Becky’s organization implemented Beagle within its sales force. Now when she is in the market, she gets a nudge based on her geolocation:

  • Maintaining stock levels at the store to prevent stockouts. 
  • Data stories for products that are hot sellers in the area which she can upsell. 
  • Discounts and promotions tailored to the store
Not An Ordinary Sales Manager | Beagle

As a result, she is able to deliver more sales with higher margins. Every time she receives a Nudge from Beagle, her sales job feels like a rhyme.

The Smart Marketer

Let’s meet Kevin. He is the marketing manager of his company. Kevin produced reports every week detailing all the marketing activities and campaigns that happened during the week. This included open rates, click rates, and conversions. Each week he would spend 4-5 hours collecting data from various platforms and creating reports. In addition to it, he would update the leadership team with the campaign data and provide them with specific insight.

Kevin’s organization implemented Beagle on their company dashboards. 

With Beagle, Kevin and the Leadership team, receives a nudge each time the data is updated in the report. Instead of asking for individual feedback, the Leadership team would simply pin the card to the narrative board and discuss specifics/inputs.

The Smart Marketer | Beagle

Now Kevin’s life is simple!

The scope of usage of Beagle Nudges isn’t limited to the above personas but is relevant for a host of professionals from varied domains across an organization. For instance, 

  • With nudges, the Director of IT can have better visibility into cluster performance and pipeline utilization numbers every time a critical update is made in the metrics.
  • In order to maximize cash flow, Revenue Growth Managers can use Player vs Player pricing analytics to inform timely nudges that can give them insights about what others are doing to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Beagle Nudges can help Warehouse Managers have greater visibility on their stock availability.
  • Commercial Directors gain a valuable understanding of their retail shares and help key account managers to measure results tangibly and improve on account strategies. 

Nudges are like all-rounders in a cricket team. They can fit in any position and can help you accomplish a diverse number of goals. Given their varied scope of usage, many of our Fortune 500 clients have adopted them with open arms and have been delighted by the difference they made.

How Nudges Helped A Global FMCG Company become truly Data-Driven and increase Revenue.

When it comes to the highly competitive food industry, Fortune 500 cereal companies need to be proactive in their decision-making process in order to achieve high margins and remain competitive. Therefore, it was imperative for them to establish a culture that was data-driven.

weekly performance dashboards | Beagle

Having implemented Beagle, all decision-makers started receiving insight into a platform that they already knew how to operate (Microsoft teams) without any training.

These Nudges were automatically triggered based on: 

  • Critical changes in data across departments
  • Frequently consumed data points
  • Insights based on usage patterns
  • Peer behavior 
Nudges made data | Beagle

Nudges are designed to help people make the right decisions at the right time, with the help of data and insights. Big decisions, whether in Sales, Marketing, IT, or Leadership require a clear understanding of the smallest of changes in data, and that’s exactly what Beagle nudges deliver. 

When you include Data Nudge into your everyday business, you make your company truly data-driven. 

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