The Deadly Duo: Power BI+Beagle

Power BI + Beagle

BI tools have become the crux of modern organizations worldwide, which spend millions of dollars annually on them for their digital transformations. Yet, before the advent of the pandemic, it seemed for a while that many people were getting miffed with conventional BI platforms and the oversaturation of dashboards.

(Source: BI Intelligence Market Report | Beagle

What’s all the fuss about?

A lot of leaders speculated that even though BI may not die, it would become less relevant in the future. They came up with some valid points to explain their rationale. The major one was this:

“BI platforms are complex and operating them is not very easy unless people have specialized skill-sets”

Surely, this must not come as a surprise to anyone. Expansive coding, vigorous queries, and an insane list of functionalities have their own challenges. A survey conducted on over 1930+ knowledge workers from various domains showed a clear mismatch between expectations and the BI platform that they wanted to have versus their satisfaction levels. For instance, 88% of the respondents felt that a BI must be user-friendly, but only 46% of them were satisfied with their existing BI platform.

Hannover Research Institute State of Analytics Report | Beagle

But is BI Alive?

A staggering 50% increase in data usage across companies worldwide has resulted in a 65% increase in average spending on advanced analytics in the last 2 years. And everyone needs precise insights. 

So, BI is the future. But how? There’s only one way. 

Power BI and Beagle: The Deadly Duo

Microsoft’s Power BI, coupled with Beagle’s advanced AI assistant, has been able to address all the challenges that most other conventional BI platforms fail to resolve. Here are some of the major ones from Gartner’s Analytics Trends for 2022.

  • Addressing skills and literacy shortfalls – Remote workplaces and the advancement of technology have increased the need for higher competency levels and data literacy. Teams these days need to have detailed knowledge of operating on BI platforms in order to gain value from them.

With Beagle + Power BI, no additional training is required. It is driven by simple NLP, where users can literally talk with their data.

  • Moving more toward Context-Driven analysis – Context-enriched analysis builds on graph technologies. The information on the user’s context and needs is held in a graph that enables deeper analysis using the relationships between data points as much as the data points themselves. 

Beagle + Power BI delivers context-driven data prompts in graphical ways that are easy for people to understand and act upon. 

  • Facilitating a culture of proactive data sharing and collaborations – While most industry leaders accept the necessity for wider collaborations across remotely-functional teams enroute to digital transformation, they haven’t been able to do it at scale, especially when it comes to the right data aligned for the business case. This is a major problem. 

But with Beagle + Power BI, collaboration becomes easy and transparent through a dedicated Narrative Board where all stakeholders have complete visibility and can freely brainstorm, assign tasks, take feedback, and overview results.

  • Embracing Adaptive and Data-Centric AI Systems: With an increase in the number of dashboards, a humongous rise in the volume of data, and a bend towards connected, contextual, and continuous business decisions, the role of AI in understanding context and content and highlighting key actionables becomes more vital. AIs have to do the bulk of the data crunching going forward, both from the perspective of the user and the client.

Beagle + Power BI has a highly intelligent AI that learns continuously from user behavior, peer usage, and events and evolves itself regularly to make your life easier. Read it here.

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