Building Data Habits for CXOs: Transforming CPG Industry with AI and Data Analytics

Building Data Habits for CXOs: Transforming CPG Industry with AI and Data Analytics


Unlocking the potential of data-driven decisions is vital to the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry’s evolution. In this blog, we explore the pivotal role of data-driven decision-making, emphasizing its significance in shaping the future of CPG enterprises. Catering to CXOs and every organizational member, our real-time insights aim to guide leaders and empower teams toward a more informed, strategic approach. Let’s bring data to life, transforming it from a challenge to an opportunity, impacting not only decisions but the CPG industry’s growth and resilience. 

Challenges in CPG Data Analytics  

The industry’s demand for high-quality data insights has led to a rise in data integration solutions, with the Lakehouse architecture gaining popularity for its efficacy in overcoming data warehousing hurdles. Siloed data, scattered across departments, hinders a holistic view, impeding impactful analyses and informed decision-making. The complex CPG supply chain, involving manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, demands optimal coordination and innovative solutions.  

Compounded by legacy infrastructure built on outdated frameworks, the CPG industry struggles to process today’s vast data volumes, resulting in compatibility and scalability barriers to seamless data analytics. Now, let’s explore the impact of GenAI in data analytics in the CPG industry. 

The Impact of GenAI in Data Analytics in CPG Industry 

1. 60% of B2B seller work will be executed through conversational user interfaces via GenAI sales technologies within five years.  

2. GenAI in Customer Service market size is projected to surpass around USD 2,103.0 million by 2032, and it is poised to reach a registered CAGR of 24.2% from 2023 to 2032. 

3. Leveraging data-driven marketing on a large scale has the potential to drive substantial growth. Consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) companies can achieve a 3-5% increase in net sales and enhance marketing efficiency by 10-20%.  

4. The chatbot segment will be the most lucrative within the global GenAI market for customer services with a revenue share of 42.7% and a projected CAGR of 24.6% from 2023 to 2032. 

5. CPG companies can achieve a 5-10% increase in sales by leveraging advanced analytics. 

Introducing BeagleGPT – A Conversational GenAI App for Data Analytics on MS Teams 

BeagleGPT brings the power of Generative AI technology right into Microsoft Teams, the daily workspace of all the corporate users. By integrating all enterprise dashboards and data-marts within MSTeams, it aims to drive the adoption of analytics at every level of the client organization from the headquarters to field force. 

Framework for Integrating AI in Data Analytics 

1. Agile Decision-Making 

The infusion of AI into data analytics is not merely a technological advancement but a strategic need for leadership. 

With Beagle, it extends beyond the mere utilization of GenAI; it’s about creating an ecosystem that thrives on real-time data insights. It’s not just about being responsive; it’s about being predictive and proactive. The integration of GenAI ensures that our decisions are not only swift but also rooted in a deep understanding of the complex variables shaping the industry. 

2. Quick and Easy Data-Driven KPIs and Performance Metrics 

Beagle takes the lead in building data adoption capabilities and simplifying the process of obtaining quick and easy data driven KPIs and performance metrics.  

The user-friendly interface and NLP capabilities make data accessibility and interpretation seamless for users across various levels of expertise. This conversational approach not only accelerates the decision-making process but also ensures that the generated KPIs and performance metrics are precisely aligned with the strategic goals in focus. 

3. Streamlined Cross-Functional Team Collaboration 

Beagle reshapes cross-functional collaboration through its innovative narrative board feature and robust data adoption capability. By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Teams, Beagle becomes the bridge connecting organizations, teams, and leaders effortlessly.  

The narrative board feature enables sharing data insights directly on MS Teams, fostering a collaborative environment and ensuring that teams are aligned with data-driven insights, enabling organizations to efficiently pursue their goals and objectives.  

4. A Nudge Towards Growth 

Similar to everyday nudges for routine tasks, organizations should extend this concept to crucial data points that drive organizational growth. To elevate data habits within organizations, Beagle nudges are tailored for everyone in the organization, delivering real-time, personalized insights finely tuned to specific goals and objectives. 

This innovative approach ensures that leaders are continuously updated with timely data insights directly within MS Teams. The result is a proactive and informed decision-making process and cultivates a data-centric culture within the organization. 

Beagle Partnership with the World’s Largest Beverage Manufacturers  

One standout example of successful digital transformation in the CPG industry is the collaboration between one of the world’s largest beverage manufacturers and Beagle.  

Beagle has been instrumental in driving the digital transformational journey across various business functions. A notable focus has been on building data habits for everyone in the organization and optimizing insights for specific teams and personas. Let’s take a look at how the partnership has transformed the business from a people-dependent function to a data-driven one.

Having said that, the efficiency of Beagle in delivering these metrics in real time is a game-changer. Organizations can dynamically adapt their strategies based on the evolving data landscape, fostering a proactive and agile approach. Whether it’s tracking sales performance, assessing marketing ROI, or evaluating operational efficiency, Beagle provides a comprehensive overview through easily digestible KPIs, enabling leaders to stay ahead of the curve. 

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Beagle won the Microsoft Teams App Development Challenge globally in 2022 and 2021 and was also recognized as the best productivity tool on Microsoft Teams.