BeagleGPT: Integrating Generative AI with your BI

BeagleGPT: Integrating Generative AI With Your BI

If you lead a team of data enthusiasts and constantly play with data, you’re probably familiar with the challenges of repeatedly requesting data insights for comprehensive analyses, summaries, and reports. It can be a cumbersome process, requiring us to delve into complex commands and procedures to grasp the information we need.  

To solve these challenges, we’re thrilled to announce that our conversational analytics tool, Beagle, integrated with GPT – a cutting-edge AI language model designed to facilitate human-like conversations. With this integration, BeagleGPT can now deliver more powerful insights and analytics with greater accuracy and speed than ever.

What’s New in Beagle, powered by GPT?

BeagleGPT has always been committed to streamlining data adoption in organizations and empowering everyone – from the leadership team to sales reps and store managers – with the insights they need to make better decisions. And with the integration of GPT, we’re taking that mission to the next level.

Features of BeagleGPT 

  1. Natural Language Processing for Accurate Insights: One of the key benefits of integrating with GPT is the ability to deliver even more accurate and personalized insights through Natural Language Processing (NLP). Beagle’s user-friendly interface has always made it easy to communicate with your data in simple English, but with GPT, it’s now even easier to ask the right questions and get the answers you need.
  2. Context Retention for Deeper Analysis: Another major advantage of the integration is the ability to retain context from previous conversations, which enhances accuracy and efficiency, and improves the overall conversation flow. This means that BeagleGPT can now provide even deeper insights by leveraging the context of your previous queries, making it easier than ever to gain valuable insights from your data.
  3. Insight Summary Generation for Easy Grasping of Critical Insights: Beagle’s insight summary generation feature has also been enhanced through GPT integration, making it even easier to grasp the critical insights and trends hidden in your data.
  4. Proactive Nudges Based on Real-Time Monitoring of Your Data: BeagleGPT regularly monitors your updated data and sends you proactive nudges to help you strike up a conversation with your data. This means you can be sure that you’re always up to date with the latest insights and trends, even as your data changes in real-time.
  5. Narrative Boards for Easy and Quick Collaboration with Your Peers: Collaboration has always been a core feature of Beagle, and with the integration of GPT, it’s now even easier to collaborate with your peers using BeagleGPT’s narrative boards. Set up narrative boards in your Microsoft Teams group and collaborate on the go, sharing insights and discussing data in real-time.
  6. Integrated with Power BI to Accelerate Data Adoption: The integration of Beagle with Power BI means that you can now bring up data from your unused dashboards, Excels, and other reports, and analyse it using BeagleGPT’s powerful conversational analytics engine. This makes it easier than ever to become more data-aware and make better decisions.

In a Nutshell

In a world of data enthusiasts and analysts, Beagle emerged as a game-changer. Now, integrated with GPT, BeagleGPT brings powerful conversational analytics. It simplifies data insights, analyses, and reporting, empowering teams with accuracy and speed. Its user-friendly interface and collaboration features make data adoption effortless, serving the entire organization. From leadership to managers, analysts, and sales reps, BeagleGPT delivers valuable insights on the go. It revolutionizes data exploration, enabling informed decision-making and propelling success. BeagleGPT paves the way for a data-driven future, where conversations with data lead to remarkable discoveries. 

We’re excited to see the impact that the integration of GPT will have on Beagle’s users. We look forward to continuing to innovate and improve our product to help organizations become more data-driven. 

Beagle won the Microsoft Teams App Development Challenge globally in 2022 and 2021 and was also recognized as the best productivity tool on Microsoft Teams. 

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