4 Reasons Every Digital Marketer Needs Beagle

Lack of data visibility is a digital marketer’s biggest nightmare. To attract and convert the desired number of leads, a digital marketing professional needs data at their fingertips. This is integral for 

  • Marketing campaign analysis across multiple platforms
  • Analyzing data collected from multiple sources 
  • Understanding how many visitors convert to customers
  • Exploring which content worked better on which platform

How Teams Work Today:

Imagine you’re the Digital Marketing Lead at Stride, a leading bottled beverage company. Your yearly campaign objectives and strategies will differ from lead generation to campaign analysis to behavior/trend prediction. But a large number of challenges stand in the way, including but not limited to:

  • Multiple data centers and platforms
  • Changing customer needs
  • Fluctuating market share
  • Unpredictable economic conditions
  • Multiple data sources like retail stores, manufacturers, logistics etc
  • Distribution and research teams in different geographical locations

With so many factors to keep in mind, businesses use multiple cloud platforms and access points. As a result, they often create data silos. One Thanksgiving campaign might perform well in one state, but fail in the other. A single Pass/Fail report alone won’t be enough to get a holistic view. As a result, a single person won’t have complete visibility over all the data necessary to make an informed decision. And getting access to this data or its insights in the form of a report or graph can take up precious man hours. The consequences could range from wrong foundational insights for your global strategy, to poor campaign engagement and lower lead conversion rates.

We live in a fast-paced data-driven world. Even the slightest delays in data delivery from one team member to another could cost your organization heavily in terms of lost leads and lower ROI. What businesses today need is a solution that can deliver analytics from every campaign, every platform, and every quarter in a single place. This will help you and your team to focus on your core competency without compromising on data-driven insights. You will also have a lower dependency on data teams as well as a lower turn-around time when it comes to data and insight access. 

Beagle is the Future:

Do data tools understand ‘Show me campaign analytics between Q1 and Q3 for campaign Black Friday and Always On’? What your Digital Marketing team needs today is a platform that anyone can talk to in simple English and get answers immediately. 

That’s where Beagle comes in. 

  • You don’t need formal training or an IT background, Beagle harnesses the power of NLP to answer complex data questions and provide instant answers in real-time. 
  • You can search across all your existing dashboards in one place, view your data as graphs and charts, and get detailed reports whenever you want.
  • Beagle integrates with Microsoft Teams to give you all your data on the world’s leading conferencing platform. Whether you’re in a meeting or going to one, all your insights will remain at your fingertips.
  • Beagle learns your data requirements over time and starts adapting. It will send you personalized ‘nudges’ with prepared reports based on data points that matter to you most. 

Having saved about 94% of manhours per report, Beagle is the only AI-driven data analytics platform you’ll ever need. 

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