Year-end Targets Pending? Double-Down on ROI with Beagle

What caused a shift in your market share last quarter? Which top-performing products have suddenly declined in sales? How do your sales lead conversion efforts pay off in terms of ROI?

With the power of NLP and machine learning, Beagle has successfully empowered enterprises, increasing individual target achievement by over 10%. 

Data Application Within Sales Teams:

Meeting sales targets is not a one-person job. And with the growing dependency on analytics, data-driven insights have become a dominant pillar of successful lead conversion. From Sales Leads to Operators to Field Executives, how you engage with your data differs as drastically as your end goals. 

Sales executives require data to understand the customer journey, analyze behavior trends and convert potential leads. Sales operations teams use data to compare campaign engagement and product performance, but often depend heavily on data teams for reports and insights. Meanwhile, a Sales lead uses focused insights to identify new opportunities for revenue growth acceleration and lead conversion. 

With different people using contrasting parts of the same report, how can a single report cater efficiently to all these different needs?

Various business intelligence platforms and tools today help businesses achieve sales goals by compiling reports across dashboards to help compare data, performance, growth, and revenue, among other factors. But with the growing number of data sources and increasingly complex unstructured data, the number of dashboards sales professionals need to scour is increasing consistently. This makes insight derivation and strategizing tedious and time-consuming. 

Enter Beagle:

Beagle is an ML-based data analytics platform that integrates with Microsoft Teams and redefines how enterprises communicate with their data. It benefits Sales professionals across the board and maximizes the benefits of analytics to drive higher sales. Here’s how you can empower employees using Beagle:

  • The Power of NLP: Beagle harnesses the power of Natural Language Processing to deliver insights instantly to clients no matter where you are. What’s more, you can construct complex questions with specific filters to get exactly what you are looking for. For example, you can simply ask ‘Show me the regions that have caused a decline in sales for this quarter’, and Beagle will give you the exact data you are looking for. 
  • Data access anytime, anywhere: Beagle gives actionable data instantly in the form of cards that are easy to ready, interpret and implement. You can search across all your existing dashboards at the same time to find relevant data in real-time, instead of searching individually or relying on data teams to provide the data.
  • Personalized reminders: Teams can set specific reminders for any data points or KRAs they are tracking and get timely data updates. 
  • Informative Personalized Nudges: Beagle delivers context-based nudges personalized according to users and audiences and enhances data adoption among team members. Using machine learning, it also automatically creates reports based on your usage requirements.


Using its advanced NLP and Power BI capabilities, Beagle empowers organizations to keep up with changing customer behaviors and demands and maintain a competitive edge. To know more, Request a Demo today.