Beagle – A Perfect Partner to Enhance your Power BI Experience

Beagle a perfect Partner for Dashboard | Beagle

As summer approaches, we know that some ice cream would be good. But you know what would be great? Ice Cream with Brownie… right? Similarly, driving with friends is better than driving alone, and a movie with popcorn is better than just a movie.

This means that everywhere we do, can be made better just with a perfect partner. A perfect partner that enhances the ordinary and makes the experience extraordinary. 

In short, the two partners should just ‘CLICK’.

A Pickle in the Power BI

As dashboards start losing their sheen, or we could say – The Dashboard Doldrum. Therefore, we need a solution that would rejuvenate them from their mid-life crisis. 

Organizations have been using Power BI for a long time now and hence they are equipped with a large number of dashboards that users don’t even use. Even with the wave of digitization when the users want to be data equipped, dashboards prove themselves to be cumbersome and disorganized. Switching between dashboards and different platforms in search of data points takes a lot of effort and the process needs to be powered up.

There’s a dashboard for everything. For every kind of data, for every use case, there’s a power BI report present with too much information on it. But this doesn’t mean it has that much usage too. Maybe once in two weeks or so, but mostly dashboards gather dust. So we need a solution that pulls data from excel, presents the data, and shows us the required dashboard. Does it mean we need to replace Power BI Reports?

Well, no. You do not need to replace anything or Look at better dashboarding options. Simply plug and play.

Beagle + Power BI = Perfect Combination

Beagle offers one-click integrable with Power BI. Your reports can be fused with Beagle and your data can be viewed in the chat platform of Microsoft Teams with a single click.

A Fortune 500 company plugged in Beagle with their Power BI reports and the results were astonishing –

  • The company has a 50% higher user adoption rate with Beagle than with the other tools
  • Natural Language Processing by Beagle made it easier for its users to look for data points in simple English. Extracting insights from data felt like a conversation.
  • The user got comfortable with the data and started looking for deeper insights. 
  • They landed on Dashboards for a comprehensive view of data which increased the usage of Power BI

This in turn fast-tracked the digital transformation of the company making it data democratized. So, it’s a total win-win for large enterprises.

Beagle + Power BI

Why is Beagle the Perfect Partner for Power BI?

  • Beagle increases the Power BI usage by directing users to the required report
  • Beagle fuses with Power BI and hence there’s no need to migrate data assets
  • Beagle sends data acquainted nudges to nourish users with data which increases usage of Power BI

Add Beagle to your Power BI reports and nudge everyone in the organization to lead collective growth. Learn more about Beagle as a perfect partner.