Dashboard comes back to life, says – What a Nudge!

Dashboards are coming back to Life | Beagle

Nudges By Beagle Bring Dashboards To Life.

Data adoption increases to 75% in 7 days.

  • 60% of employees didn’t even know where Dashboards were located
  • Company plugged Beagle in their existing Dashboard
  • Data usage increased from 0% to 75% in just 7 days!

It’s been more than 2 decades since Dashboards came into existence with an objective to drive informed decision making and help businesses meet data adoption targets. And yet, today, the word on the street is that Dashboards are dead. Why?

Why are they saying Dashboards are Dead?

  • Only a handful of trained analysts know how to work with a Dashboard
  • Every time you need to create a new report, you need to build a new query. Takes many days to several weeks. When it comes to data-driven decision making, the ship has sailed long before the data is ready
  • Dashboards generate complex analytics reports, people need instant, ready to use, personalized data
What is missing in the Dashboard? | Beagle

84 percent* of workers who need these granular insights reported poor experiences with their analytics solutions.

Imagine you go to a restaurant and ask the waiter for a healthy hot beverage. Now, take a look at the requirement-result mismatch from a Dashboard point of view
What is the customer looking for? | Beagle

Information shared by dashboards is not wrong. It’s just too complex and time-consuming for the end-user to synthesize, understand and use in their day-to-day decision making.

Dashboards possess a massive amount of data waiting for users to access it.

‘Dashboards are not useless; they are just used less.’

Does that mean businesses should dump their existing Dashboards?
Not when Beagle is in Your corner.

Why Beagle is the Perfect Partner for your Dashboard?

As Dashboards go through a mid-life crisis, they need someone who can listen to what they need to fulfill their ambitions, complete them where they lack.

Beagle fits in with Dashboard as simply as a pen drive fits in a laptop. How?

It’s not a replacement. 

It’s addition

With personalized nudges and quick access to data within Microsoft Teams, Beagle attracts end-users and leads to enhanced data adoption. Not only that, once the user gets comfortable with data, they start looking for deeper insights. They land to Dashboards for a comprehensive view of data. It’s a total win-win.

It’s Not Migration. 

It’s Integration

Beagle doesn’t replace the dashboard, so there is no need to migrate data assets. Beagle adds up to the existing BI suite. Improves usage.

Add Beagle to your Dashboard and include everyone in the organization to lead collective growth. Because when one person leaves Data, everyone suffers.

Beagle 'Nudges' Users To Your Dashboard - An Example

Beagle + Power BI
Nudge by Beagle

How do Nudges help drive data adoption through Beagle

A regular day without Nudges –

A Regular Day With Nudges –

Life with Nudge | Beagle

Nudge captures users’ attention by giving them freedom of choice, and a purpose to act.

Why should you integrate Beagle with Your Dashboard

Dashboards with Beagle

All we are saying is that –

Finding data doesn’t have to be this challenging everytime you need it!

Plugin Beagle in your Dashboards. Let them Breathe.
Beagle – Your Team’s Personal Data Assistant – Instant Insights within Microsoft Teams