Gen-AI powered
“Data Habits”


For over a decade, organizations have invested heavily in self-serve BI tools, aiming to democratize data access and foster data-driven decision-making. Yet, many struggle to cultivate widespread data habits, leaving vast troves of data untapped and hindering true data-driven transformation.

This whitepaper explores the limitations of traditional BI tools, identifies essential data habits across various roles, and introduces Generative AI (GenAI) as a game-changer in bridging the gap and empowering every employee to become a data-savvy decision-maker.

You will also take home the prioritization framework to identify low-hanging fruits to accelerate data habit formation.

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    What’s Inside ?

    The Broken Promise of Self-Serve BI Platforms

    GenAI : The Game-Changer in Data Habit Cultivation

    The Trail of Data Habit Formation

    Opportunities Ripe for Transformation

    Transformation in Action