How does Beagle fill the gaps that other BI tools struggle with?

World today is inundated with data. We have built powerful technologies to churn intelligent data year on year. In fact, according to studies, the world will create more than three times the data over the next five years than it did in the previous five.”

Someone very aptly said, “Data-driven decision making is understood and appreciated, however the quality and application of it needs to mature in consistency.”

There is no denying that data is the soul of any successful business decision. However, the most concerning challenges for businesses today is –

“how do we establish structures that ensure consistent availability of actionable data analytics to the right people at the right time.”


“how do we take analytics to the point of decision.”

There comes the significance of Business Intelligence (BI). Organisations rely on powerful BI systems with extraction and adoption of data analytics. BI ensures that the power and potential of data is unleashed and leveraged for business growth.

But the even bigger challenge is how to choose a BI tool that is apt for your organisation –

A BI solution that aligns with your needs, that helps your people talk to data and make data-driven decisions.

It took us some time to build a tool that enveloped every existing gap in traditional BI tools, that checked on all existing and potential needs of organisations and that addressed all gaps in efficient decision making.

Hence, the birth of Beagle!

Beagle is a personal virtual analyst that seamlessly integrates with workplace collaboration tools to facilitate instant access to company data, within-the-platform, in just a couple of clicks.

Beagle enables companies to drive adoption of data analytics by bringing data to workspaces through communication tools like MS Teams and Slack, not the other way round. All one got do is ask.

Now, why and how Beagle is different from other BI Tools. Of course, that’s a much bigger discussion but let’s try to summarise a few critical ones with this article –

  1. Beagle empowers businesses with intelligent storytelling. Data is gathered from so many sources that by the time it reaches user, most of the times it gets obsolete and it misses the head and tail of data story. While other BI tools draw insights that take a lot of time to reach the user and moreover too complex to be understood, Beagle gives easy access of data analytics in the most comprehensible format possible. The virtual analyst makes sure that the data tells a story that the stakeholder needs to hear. After all, the whole charm of the story is in storytelling.
  2. Beagle fosters collaboration among individuals and teams. The personal virtual analyst solution is built with an intent to build stronger communities within the organisation. Beagle offers a narrative board where people can share, discuss, and comment on latest data updates. Beagle also pushes personalised alerts, notifications, and reminders anytime there is a new update on data relevant to the concerned stakeholder. Thus, empowering individuals and teams to be on point with data.
  3. Beagle is the fastest BI tool there is. Beagle takes a fraction of time that other tools take to generate a report. Additionally, unlike other dashboards which take weeks to iterate, Beagle cards can be /customized within minutes. 
  4. Beagle is the perfect combo of a Simple + Powerful BI tool. Beagle is a modern-day, smart, virtual analyst for all data and analytics needs. It is built to offer an intuitive interface to the user, so they are ready to be used by business users from day 1. Unlike various other BI tools, it works within workplace collaboration tools like MS Teams and Slack. One doesn’t need to shuffle through diverse and complex data sources to get to what they are looking for. It talks to all these data sources in the back end and shares results instantly. It also provides personalized reports in digestible formats.
  5. Beagle is a conversational BI tool. It talks to you in your language. Other BI tools require business users to understand their language, while Beagle functions on conversational intelligent systems. It will guide you through reports and dashboards by conversing with you.

Real-time data analytics is one of the most strategic priorities for organisations. Beagle is the perfect solution for businesses’ growing needs to tap the potential of data analytics for gaining competitive edge.

This virtual analyst solution reduces the need for manual interventions to the minimum, promoting data transparency and encouraging BI adoption. Beagle ensures that the power of data analytics is not just realised but internalised across the organisation, at all levels, by embedding analytics in workflows.