How is business intelligence changing the HR landscape in organizations?

Emma is an HR professional in an online travel company. This is the fourth time in a month that she has forgotten to update the hiring tracker in time. That one simple miss led to duplication of efforts at multiple levels. Shaun found more resumes for the already filled position. Jacky shared wrong reports with the stakeholder… you get the drift.

Emma’s situation is no different than any other HR professional. Human Resources is an effort intensive function. They have to be constantly interacting with both internal stakeholders and external parties making sure a position is filled without any hassle. In such cases, it’s natural to make errors and misses. Also, operational tasks distract them from the main purpose, i.e., enriching employee experience.

Business intelligence is changing the landscape by automating most of the operational activities. Effective B.I tools allow HRs to invest their time more prudently and productively.

The BI-centric approach enables HRs to tap on more human aspects of the function. That means focusing on conducting quality interviews and facilitating an engaging onboarding experience.

What does BI offer in the HR processes?

Business intelligence operates on data. It deals with collecting, storing, analysing and reporting data for business use. HR generates overwhelming amounts of data right from resumes sourced, positions filled, performance reviews, performance appraisals…the list goes on.

In absence of business intelligence and analytics platforms, most of the data goes unused because of one or many reasons including delays in availability.

According to a study by Mckinsey, 56 percent of typical “hire-to-retire” tasks could be automated with current technologies and limited process changes.

Business intelligence can help HR function in –

  • Track application status
  • Automate interview scheduling and offer communications
  • Track critical hiring metrics like offer to joining ratio
  • Filter potential employee profiles basis suggested keywords and phrases
  • Process documents, automate alerts to employees and stakeholders to ensure timely process

and much more…

HR is a function characterised by agility. One must be quick in finding relevant information. Else there is always a risk of losing a good candidate/employee and employing a wrong one.

Automation across different stages of recruitment – from sourcing CVs to screening candidature to nurturing candidates not only saves time and money, it also eliminates possibilities of unconscious bias.

The tracked reports help business leaders take informed decisions in terms of which areas need quick fix, or role may demand higher TAT etc.

They help in identifying process inefficiencies, operational redundancies and opportunities for growth.

Business intelligence and analytics platforms leverage data to maximise resource value. Effective B.I investments hold the power to redefine the organization’s market standing.

Challenges with Business Intelligence in HR –

Technology adoption in HR has always been a matter of consideration for businesses. However, the pandemic caused by coronavirus has accelerated the need to automate processes.

Today, employees/candidates are geographically more dispersed, cultures are in the phase of transformation, and there is a lot of uncertainty from both employer and employee’s end.

HR plays a big role in communicating stability and balance. For that, they need to closely work with real-time data and updated information. The challenge is in understanding reports generated by many conservative BI tools – difficult to understand and more difficult to be put to use.

The need of the day is a BI tool that HRs can use from day 1, without the need of going through long, extensive tool training.

There comes Beagle. A chat enabled BI tool that gives real-time access to data and insights in simple formats. And it functions within collaboration tools like MS Teams and Slack. So, one can simply talk to Beagle like talking to their colleague. The only difference is the tool will give all necessary answers within seconds.

Beagle is the best productivity tool on MS Teams as declared by Microsoft.

Deploy Beagle and maximize productivity of your HR Teams.

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