5 Important Facts You Should Know About Dashboards and Conversational BI Tools

When most executives talk about Business Intelligence, they talk of dashboards. And why wouldn’t executives love dashboards? Single screen “snapshots” of key performance indicators (KPIs), marketing metrics and operational processes can be visually elegant and intuitive.
But dashboards aren’t the magic mirrors many people treat them as. There are various business use cases where dashboards fail. As more and more business users explore using business intelligence to discover new insights, many conversational BI tools have emerged.

But, they typically demand:

  •  long hours of training
  •  app/software installation
  •  long time for new reports/analysis

What Do Dashboards and Conversational BI Tools Do?

Dashboards and other conversational BI tools give insights into how a set of metrics are tracking along with some important trends. But there is a lot they lack, for example, data discovery. Many times, the top line number doesn’t give any insight on what’s happening in the underlying business.

Nate Silver quoted in “The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail – But Some Don’t”, “Partisans who expect every idea to fit on a bumper sticker will proceed through the various stages of grief before accepting that they have oversimplified reality.”

Similar is the case with dashboards and many conversational BI tools where vendors have added filters that push the task of discovery back onto the user. Users need to invest a lot of time to find insights.

That’s where Beagle makes a difference! It’s not just another conversational  BI tool. It has a lot to offer that many of the existing tools fail to do.

It envelops every existing gap in dashboards and conversational BI tools, checks on potential needs of organisations and targets efficient decision making.

It’s a disruptor!

    Let’s dig deep into how Beagle is different from other BI tools:

  1.     Requires 0 Training Hours

Can you start using your BI tool from day 1? Of course, not! You need to undergo long hours of training. While the amount of training required to start using dashboards is 8 hours, it is 4 hours for conversational BI tools.

But, you can use Beagle from day 1. It’s easily deployable, ensures 100% data adoption and requires zero hours of training. Our goal was to create a BI tool that meets the needs of users and hence, the birth of Beagle which is simple and easy to use.


Creating new reports/tables on dashboards and conversational BI tools is a long process that can take 6-8 weeks. This might be super-fast speed some years back but not today when an unbelievable amount of data is being generated every day and speed & efficiency are significant factors in an organization’s success.

Do you know how much time it takes to create a new card on Beagle? It’s just 1-2 hours of effort! With Beagle, the decision-making cycles are 15 times faster, time to act is quicker/shorter and hence, enhanced business efficiency.

3 Beagle Works Within Your Messaging Platforms


Beagle lives within your company’s chat platform, allowing you to seamlessly use data in all your conversations. However, you need to install independent app/software for all other conversational BI tools and dashboards.

 With Beagle’s one-click integration with MS Teams/Slack/Zoom//Google Chat, you can bridge the gap between data and decision making. It ensures many to one communication as any person can add Beagle to the group chat and do the drill down.

Indeed! Beagle is the only BI tool that enables team collaboration. 

4 Beagle Deployment is Easy and Takes Less Time


Do you know how long it takes to deploy a dashboard server? The time period is 3 months. And for other conversational BI tools? It is 4 weeks.

Now, let’s talk about Beagle. It is easily deployable within <3 weeks.

5 Beagle’s Cost is Not User-Driven


Dashboards and conversational BI tools are expensive in different ways. One of the significant ways they add up to the cost is “per-user price” – their cost increases with an increase in the number of users. Whereas Beagle’s cost is not user-driven. Everyone in the organization can use it for the same price.


And, Beagle is the global award-winning tool. It has been ranked #1 in innovation and productivity by Microsoft.

By now, you must be excited to know more about the tool or take a tour. So, schedule a demo with us. Visit our website https://beagleanalytics.ai/