Beagle – The BI tool that unlocks the maximum potential of data with MS Teams

Where was the last team meeting conducted in your organization? And the one before the last one? And the one before that?

Unless you are on some other planet right now, the answer would be a virtual collaboration tool. And as the trend speaks for itself, in all probability it is Microsoft Teams.

Organizations are working on either remote working or a hybrid working model and it’s not a fad. The pandemic has only accelerated the adoption of a work culture that we predicted to take place maybe a decade from now.

The rush to remote working propelled the need for online collaboration tools. MS Teams is undoubtedly leading the B2B space with more than 200% surge in daily active users – from 32 million in Mar 2019 to 115 million in late 2020.


No doubt that MS Teams has revolutionized the way organizations communicate and collaborate. It connects globally dispersed teams with the promise of a fully protected environment. From organizing large group meetings to leading small projects, it’s an all-purpose tool for managing projects. The platform allows people to send emails, chat, conduct meetings, share and edit documents and what-not.

With that being said, data storage and data sharing among employees was still a challenge. While MS Teams analytics offered various usage reports for tracking team performance, employees struggled in swapping among different apps to access ‘relevant’ company data, for strategic decision making.

But not anymore.

Beagle, a product of Decision Point, is dedicated to building a data-driven culture by-

  • bringing data to the end-users in the organization
  • ensuring that data is accessible and understandable for immediate use
  • ensuring that data is safe and secure

Beagle is a new-age, conversational BI tool that lives within MS Teams for allowing easy collaboration with data.

This tool is built with the intent of making it simple to access and use ‘data insights’ for agile decision making.

To make it possible, Beagle offers many advanced features specially customized to MS Teams. Let’s take a look –

  1. Single-click access to data in real-time, within MS Teams

Beagle ingests data from multiple sources like Excel, RDBMS, Big Data, PowerBI, and Tableau. Beagle viewer allows users to consume reports directly on their MS Teams platform, for individual use or for reference during internal/external meetings.

2. Easy access to insights with AI-based natural language Conversational Interface.

With Beagle, users can ask natural language queries within MS Teams to gain ‘relevant, on-the fly’ data insights, as and when required.

It makes conversation with data as simple as speaking to your best friend.

3. On-demand data with ‘Search and Share’ functionality.

Beagle’s unique Search and Share functionality, within MS Teams interface, helps users get access to relevant data in a few seconds. Employees no longer need to go through the hassle of sifting through large quantities of data to find the one relevant to the context.

4. Data-oriented collaboration with teams via Narrative Boards

Beagle’s Narrative Board feature allows users to build narratives around the analysis and share those narratives with their team. It enables users to save and share relevant charts and dashboards with concerned audience groups, on their narrative board timeline. All through simple drag and drop.     

Beagle + MS Teams is the perfect combination that enables organizations tap the maximum power and potential of data while strengthening workforce collaboration.

Ready to try Beagle ?