Beagle and MS Teams – Simplifying collaboration on DATA via Narrative Boards

The hunt for appropriate data at the appropriate time is like finding a needle in a haystack. Even though BI is gradually changing the landscape, real-time collaboration on data remains a big challenge.

In our research to understand customer needs w.r.t. data and its distribution, we heard a lot about

– struggles in real-time collaboration on data: it means find data on one or more platform(s), share on another, hear feedback on that data from different team members on different media, and ultimately follow intuition to make decisions.

– struggles in sharing data to a particular team/audience within a secure framework: mass sharing made the whole exercise unproductive for everyone.

– struggles in tracking development on ‘relevant’ data: one of the most pressing business concerns. What were the numbers earlier and where do they stand now? Is there any progress? What was the previous conversation we had on that data? What do the other team members think about it?

Tracking all of that meant unnecessary toil and wastage of critical business hours.

There were 2 major aspects to these business concerns –

  1. Need for a multi-purpose collaboration tool that would enhance BI adoption (Microsoft Teams)
  2. Need for a timeline where people could easily share, track, and discuss ‘relevant’ data with ‘relevant’ audience (Narrative Boards)

 Once we recognized these aspects, the solution came in handy.

Beagle – A conversational analytics tool is what we call a Data Analytics Genie that fulfills all the wishes concerning business data collaboration. A prominent reason behind this wonder is the integration of Beagle with the Microsoft Team platform.

As you can see above, Beagle lives within Microsoft Teams – one of the most popular workplace collaboration tools.

It works as a chat window within MS Teams, where anyone with access, can converse with the tool and view numbers and analytics they are looking for. Thus, eliminating the need to switch between apps to look for information.

Now comes the question – how does it make it easy to collaborate on data amongst different teams?

It’s as simple as it can be, like your Facebook timeline. View, like, share, comment, track – anything and everything you were looking forward to.

We call it ‘Narrative Boards’ – A breakthrough feature that revolutionizes the way teams collaborate on data analytics.

What all can one do on Narrative Boards?

The narrative board can be helpful in several ways so let’s dive into it without wasting any time.

Allows real-time data-sharing and data-conversations within MS Teams.

Ask for data you are looking for. Get data with analytics. Select the team you want to share data with. Share data. Tag team members.

All within Microsoft Teams.

Provides a secure framework to access and discuss data.

Needless to say, Beagle’s integration with MS Teams provides a secure platform for people to share crucial data. It’s a safe place to share and converse on sensitive datasets.

The simplicity and security of this feature drives informed, data-driven decision-making and enhances team collaboration.

Provides users with the latest developments on shared data.

Now, this is the most interesting characteristic of Narrative Boards. Every time there is progress or update on data, it reflects on your timeline. So, one can see the whole timeline of data and comments with the latest numbers in place.

In simple words, Narrative Boards reflect the complete story of your data within MS Teams.

Beagle and Microsoft Teams together are making it super easy to partner with DATA for informed decision-making.